Megal Development Corporation
Megal Development Corp. BBB Business Review

Because we offer real estate brokerage services, we can efficiently assist you with the sale of your present plant or offices and create a timetable for a smooth transition from your old location to your new building.

Megal Development Corporation personnel are trained to evaluate wants, determine needs, and forecast costs so that you'll have a firm basis for your financial planning.

Megal's experience in the construction industry enables its staff to assist in obtaining primary and secondary financing. Its fine reputation as a builder insures clients of fast, friendly, and reliable financing -- and the most for their money. In some instances Megal is able to offer extra financial aid, perhaps taking existing property or working out a lease arrangement.

As in other phases of development, Megal's record of service and reliability in the construction industry may smooth the way through complex financial problems, conveniently and economically.

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